MARIGOLD (In-Person Learning)

MARIGOLD (In-Person Learning)

MARIGOLD (In-Person Learning)


Youth volunteers from I LIGHT Global work in and with such communities to help such children access free and immersive education experiences.The volunteers are encouraged to be mentors for the children, providing support in forms such as teaching art classes, basic literacy and providing essential school supplies such as stationery, with the eventual to eventually reintegrate these children into local government schools, where they can carry on formal education.  At present, multiple Youth volunteers are running education-oriented projects in Himachal Pradesh, NCR-Gurugram and New Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra.


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  1. Utpal Dakua

    Says October 18, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    I’m UTPAL DAKUA a 4th year medical student from Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, West Bengal. I came from a very low background family of a border district north 24 pgs. I know how difficult the life when you are deprived of resources. For myself the journey was not easy where today I am. If I can help the needy people with at least a very little thing , I will think that i am giving back to the society.
    And it would be a little bit easy for me to do that with the I LIGHTGLOBAL!
    And why I’m perfect that thing you will know after giving me the opportunity, give me one opportunity I will prove it.

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