Project DOC (Doctors Of Change)

Project DOC (Doctors Of Change)

Project DOC (Doctors Of Change)

Initial Insights into psychology of Indian medical volunteers engagement in supporting rights of migrant children: Dr Abhiram Rao 


Introduction: Rarely medical students and young doctors get the opportunity to work in public health programs. As they are learning the rigors of clinical work and pressure of completing post graduation exams, they rarely have time to volunteer. Volunteering can boost a person’s self worth and a sense of fulfillment. It may demonstrate to people how volunteering makes a difference by giving back to the community. Volunteering may also help people develop a strong support network. Project DOC at Ilight Global has been created to engage such young medical professionals in connecting them with the rights of migrant children.


Project DOC Project DOC has been created as a unique visionary project to bring young medical students and graduates to engage in supporting the mental health well being of migrant children. It is a volunteer based organization. They are taught to create blogs, posters and use social media in communicating the challenges and possible solutions to the community in general. It intends to give medical professionals a platform to help the children without charge. It aims to spread awareness about the issues faced by underprivileged children. By hosting a speaker series every week where a speaker provides a lecture on a topic that is valuable from both an academic and pediatric public health standpoint, the project not only assists the underprivileged but also aids doctors in developing their academic careers.


DATA Data of 6 medical professionals was collected. 3 of the 6 participants are medical students, one is a medical intern, one is a medical doctor, and one has completed post graduation. 50% of them were males and 50% of them were females. 83.3% of these professionals had used linkedIn to promote public health, whereas 16.7% had used YouTube. 33.3% of participants entered the program to work in public health, while 66.7% joined to become leaders in public health. 33.3% had prior public health experience, compared to 66.7% who had none. 16.7% are interested in helping to raise funds for the project, 33.3% want to introduce new volunteers to it, 16.7% want to promote it on social media, and 33.3% want to write blogs in support of it.


VISION The project’s vision is to create leaders with the help of social projects and education, benefit the underprivileged children, and improve their mental health and nutrition. To increase access to and quality of healthcare through public health initiatives, education, and raising awareness of the issue. To bring together medical professionals from all around the world so they may interact and work together to help the underprivileged children. The project can undoubtedly be expanded on a global scale with additional backing, diligence, and commitment from the medical community.


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  1. Abhiram Rao Damera

    Says November 05, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    Feels great to be a part of the project that would help create future leaders and also help the underprivileged!

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