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Rights for children

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Bringing awareness about Malnutrition in children

Homeless youth and seniors

All in to stop abusive behavior


Prabha has now embarked on a new initiative aimed at supporting the homeless in our community. Through this program, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance in the areas of nutrition, clothing, housing needs, and mental health. Our primary objective is to address the immediate needs of homeless women by ensuring they receive homemade nutritious meals,  suitable clothing, and great mental health. We understand the crucial role that mental health plays in overall well-being, and thus we have implemented measures to provide them with the necessary support. We believe that through our collective commitment and compassionate approach, we can empower them to overcome their current challenges to create a bright future.

 Prabha is also focused on the health and well-being of children below 18 years by identifying and providing healthy meals to malnourished children and families.  We are distributing high protein, vitamins and minerals enriched food to those identified families and malnourished kids.  Looking to have friends and family support by providing nourished food and meals to low-income children and their families around them. WORDS MAY INSPIRE BUT ACTION CREATES CHANGE.



















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