MAGNOLIA (Mentorship and Leadership)

MAGNOLIA (Mentorship and Leadership)

MAGNOLIA (Mentorship and Leadership)

Youth volunteers are critical to bring about impactful change in society through enabling the sustainable and incremental success of our projects. 

In particular, youth from underprivileged sections of society have emerged as potential leaders. They have an acute sense of empathy and a practical understanding of root issues active in their communities. Project MAGNOLIA aims to provide focused mentorship and resource support for these volunteers to exponentially grow and hone their leadership skills. These include knowledge and skill-building delivered by experts and building an ecosystem of accountability and a sense of shared success when they take responsibility for engaging younger kids in their communities and foster a sense of belonging and commitment to continued education and learning.  

The project works to help these youth leaders optimally identify areas of interest like art, social work, dance, music, and theater through focused workshops run by established individuals in these fields. 

MAGNOLIA aims to eventually provide comprehensive personality development and enable successful integration into mainstream society and expand their opportunities for a successful career in fields of their interest. 



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  1. Utpal Dakua

    Says October 18, 2022 at 12:39 pm

    I’m UTPAL DAKUA a 4th year medical student from Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, West Bengal. I came from a very low background family of a border district north 24 pgs. I know how difficult the life when you are deprived of resources. For myself the journey was not easy where today I am. If I can help the needy people with at least a very little thing , I will think that i am giving back to the society.
    And it would be a little bit easy for me to do that with the I LIGHTGLOBAL!
    And why I’m perfect that thing you will know after giving me the opportunity, give me one opportunity I will prove it.

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