Climate change

Climate change

When we talk about the world, we talk about its environment. We often share the posts of earth day on social media platforms. Unfortunately, we call it a day, and we move on with our lives. Some of us, however, are taking important steps to do something about our planet. Our volunteers at I Light Global, like Anuradha ma’am and Dalip sir, have conducted a poster making competition for the children.

Through use of art in expressing a message to the masses is one of the most crucial components. It can be used to convey emotions such as love, hate, anger, anguish, dissatisfaction, solace, and so on. Individuals like Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso change the way we see the world. However, it appears that in the age of social media, we have lost sight of the principle of art. We’re far too fixated with debating trivial political narratives.

Even if we post or share anything concerning climate change, global warming, and other global environmental dangers, they only do that on a surface level. People only “care” about climate change when it comes to getting likes and followers on social media.

The volunteers of I Light Global decided to bring some changes which could make a difference. Their poster competition could not only mean a lot to children, but it brings other advantages.

  • It can raise the morale of children when they’re interacting in a co-curricular activity.
  • There will be awareness of climate change for the children.
  • They would be pretty keen on bringing alternative methods to tackle climate change.

Climate change is affecting the world stage in a rather negative way. If the earth’s condition is not improved sooner or later, then our way of life will be in jeopardy. We must bring smaller changes to bring larger impacts that could heal our planet. That way we could save the planet from its impeding doom.

Written by: Anish Bala


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