Experience with Teaching

Experience with Teaching

Lifelong learning begins as early as your infant years. An infant is taught by their mother on how to crawl, walk, speak, and eat. That’s only the beginning of the infant’s learning path, and this pattern will continue as they gain more mentors in every leap they take. Getting education is a fundamental right of children. On the other hand, teaching itself also cultivates the mind, since you have to explain complicated topics in words that your student will understand. I was able to have an opportunity to teach a class about saxophone for I LIGHT students. The class discussed the parts of the saxophone, the genres of saxophone, and some famous saxophonists as well. Overall, it went close to how I thought it would go, and I was able to get an insight from teaching my short class.

My brief experience teaching with I LIGHT taught me one important thing about children who don’t have the same opportunities that I do. I learned that all of them have a passion to learn, whether the topic is leadership, science, or music. Their drive is compelling to see as an instructor, which makes it more entertaining to teach these I LIGHT students. This mindset for education is something you don’t see often in everyday schools. Using the I LIGHT GLOBAL platform, teachers provide holistic support and informal education to children who have either dropped out of school or never been to school, engaging, empowering and then enhancing ​​their lives for better future

At I LIGHT, education is the cornerstone of our work.  This is shown by our instructors conducting in-person classes as well as online ZOOM classes about relevant topics for children, mainly to supplement what they are learning in school to give them the confidence they need in the growing, fast-paced world. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who are considering becoming instructors to teach our ZOOM classes. If you are interested, please read our signup page!

Ankit Gupta – Grade 8


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